Camela camel milk is the only milk in Israel that is produced under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Camel milk has been known for thousands of years among nomads in the Arabian and African deserts as having exceptional health benefits, as a natural strengthener of the body systems and as an enhancer and stimulant of energy.

Camela milk Farm was able to capture the ancient knowledge in the bottle and obtain the approval of the Ministry of Health to produce and market camel milk for the first time.

You can now consume the product and enjoy its many health benefits.

The production process


The milk

Camela's camel milk is the only one in Israel that is supervised by the veterinary services of the Ministry of Agriculture and meets the strict food production standard HACCP under the guidance and approval of the Ministry of Health.


The production process

The milking is done by a milking machine, the camel's udders are well disinfected before the process. There is a great emphasis on hygienic milking, without hand contact: the camel's udders come into contact with the milking machine only, the milk passes into a milking jug and then fills the bottles through a thin strainer.


The farm

Camela Farm was established in 2003 in the western Negev, near the Nahal HaBesor Reserve. The farm is an ecological agricultural farm, specializing in the production of camel milk using advanced methods and hygienic conditions. The farm is run by people of the surrounding settlements.

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Because of the proximity to nature

The milk source of Camela milk is in the Camela's ecological camel farm near Moshav Ein HaBesor. The farm is environmentally friendly, consumes the energy it needs from the sun and the farm workers include youth at risk and members of kibbutzim and moshavim from the Besor region.


Because of the responsibility

Kamla Farm is the only camel milk production market that has received approval from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture for the sale of camel milk, and it operates in accordance with the strict HACCP food production standard. Camela Farm's milk is the only one approved for sale as food and as a raw material for the cosmetics industry in Israel.


Because of the experience

The owners of the farm have been raising camels for 13 years, under human treatment, under conditions of liberty and under the supervision of the veterinary services of the Ministry of Agriculture. For the production of camel milk, the soft camels are not separated from their mothers, and the milk production does not come at the expense of the young camel's diet, unlike cow's milk.